A Basic Bar: Recipe for Soap

This basic homemade soap recipe contains no colors, fragrances, or extra additives. By keeping it simple, we can create a wonderful bar of pure, natural soap that is easy to make (there's less that can go wrong!) and very gentle (colors and additives can be irritating to our). It has a nice combination of oils for a good firm bar with excellent moisturizing properties.

Using a basic recipe simplifies things, so you can get a handle on how the process of making soap works. Once you get the experience of working with soap first-hand, you'll be ready to start experimenting with the fancy stuff.

But, to start with, why overcomplicate things?

Ingredients: Basic Lye Soap Recipe

- 18.5 ounces Olive oil (an excellent, inexpensive moisturizer)

- 12 ounces Coconut oil (to create a fluffy lather)

- 9 ounces Palm oil (to promote firmness, so your bar doesn't squish and melt!)

- 1 ounce Shea Butter (additional moisturizer)

- 5.8 ounces Lye

- 13.5 ounces water

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