Safe Soap Making

(It's Easier Than You Think!)

Soap-making is great fun. You'll find yourself learning new things with each batch, and as you get a sense of how it works, your creative self will come out to play. You'll want to try out a new technique for swirls, an odd combination of scents that you can imagine perfectly, or a pretty new pigment you found on sale. And, when your bars of soap are finished - and your husband, parents, children, or friends compliment you on how great the soap looks and smells, how luxurious the lather is, or how much better their skin feels thanks to your extra gentle soap that is unlike anything they can find in the store - you can be proud of your work.

But, you've got to understand the necessary safety precautions first, or you'll end up too scared to ever try soap-making (which, honestly, would be a real shame) or you'll miss something important and end up in pain, swearing off soap-making forever.

So - review these basic safety tips. And remember, there's a lot of other people out there making soap. It's not impossibly dangerous (when was the last time you saw a soap-making catastrophe on the news?) - just like everything in life, you need to be aware and be smart about how approach it. You can do this, and once you do, you'll never want to go back.

General Tips for Safe Soap-Making

Safely Working with Lye

Test the PH Level of Your Soap

Soap Without Lye?!